Band Bio

The Screamin' Cucumbers (Cukes) are a diverse Milwaukee area cover band formed in 2004 and have played just about every Milwaukee venue including Summerfest and State Fair. The Cukes have even taken their show on the road internationally and performed outside the US. The set list consists primarily of great danceable pop, rock and country tunes with a bit of an emphasis on the 80's. If it's upbeat, danceable, and fun it's probably on the set list.

The five members of the Screamin' Cucumbers have over 60 years of combined band experience. These guys know what it takes to win over a crowd early and keep them happy all night long.

What can you expect at a Cukes show? Who knows? They're not based on a single theme or gimmick. The Cukes take their performances seriously, and not much else. These guys perform because they enjoy it. You might catch them in a big light show wearing orange tuxedos, as a simple four-piece cutting up the crowd with an endless stream of jokes, or breaking into one of your favorite TV commercials. The Cukes guarantee that you will experience a great musical show with quite a bit of spontaneity thrown in for good measure. With over 80 songs in their repertoire, the Screamin' Cucumbers will satisfy the tastes of just about any crowd.


Elise received most of her vocal training from the WI Conservatory of Music and has earned a B.F.A in Musical Theater from St. Mary's University in MN. You may have seen Elise perform in Milwaukee with the Midwest Rock Opera Co. as 'little Pink' in Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' or as Apollonia in 'Purple Rain'. She loves performing a variety of styles of music and is thrilled to be singing classic covers with the Cukes.


John is a founding member of The Screamin’ Cucumbers. He plays rhythm guitar and handles lead and backing vocals as well. Before starting The Cukes in 2004, John was in other Milwaukee bands like BoomChild, Whiskey Richard, and Dr. Shrinker. John enjoys the rush that comes with performing live and has been playing in bands around Milwaukee for the last 20 years or so.


Jim plays lead guitar and keyboards (sometimes at the same time) and sings backup as well. He has been playing in local bands for quite some time and most recently in Caught Looking, Audio Cannon, and Laymann's Terms.


Elias is a versatile musician who plays bass guitar, violin, piano as well as vocals for the newest edition of the Cukes.  He has played in various bands and symphonies in Los Angeles and Milwaukee.  Classically trained, he enjoys performing a wide variety of music including pop, jazz/funk, rock and country.


Glen is a well established musician and drummer and avid home brewer. He has been playing in local bands for decades and most recently played with Spoiled Rotten and Road Trip.